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It all started in 2003 with one cylindrical grinder and Hubert Pineau. Hub had previously worked for F.P. Pla Tool & Manufacturing Co for over 15 years, American Axle and Joy Manufacturing before that when he decided it was time for him to take his sought after Grinding skills, out on his own. Soon after, he purchased additional machines and began apprenticing his sons on the craft. Quality Grinding & Tooling transformed into Quality Grinding Incorporated. Over the years, our services offered tripled as well as machines and personnel. Now we're embarking on a journey to our next step. We are no longer just a Machine Shop. We are a full service Manufacturing and Production Facility with Engineering and Design capabilities, CNC and Manual Machining and Quality Inspection Practices. Once moved into our new plant, we are converting to ISO standards and hope to be certified within the next year.

Welcome to Quality Grinding & Manufacturing Inc., or better yet, QGM.

Now owning and managing the facility as the next generation, John and Candice are working together to ensure the company's future. Growing and developing our services and employees, as well as maximizing our Quality Processes is their top priority. This resurgence in American Manufacturing is a promising start, and QGM plans to be on the forefront of the charge. 

John, Hubet and Dan Pineau
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